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Portable Toilets, Mobile Welfare & Site Accommodation now available!


Onsite Site Accommodation

Onsite Site Accommodation is ideal for looking after your workforce. It gives them a place to work, a place to take a break and to keep dry is absolutey to getting your job done efficiently and keeping the team morale going. Belongings will be able to be kept safe along with tools left onsite.

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RM Plant Services is now on social media!

We are now expanding our social channels for RM Plant services. Don't forget to follow us on these so you don't miss out on offers, deals and company news. We have active accounts on:

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Our rollers are primarily used for small scale construction projects to compact various materials. This includes soil, sand, road surfaces, gravel, bike paths etc; these will be compacted via vibration, impact loading, pressure and kneading.

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Do you want to set up an account with us? We have now made setting up a new account easier!

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Dumpers are primarily used for construction, infrastructure and during winter months for snow. They are specifically designed to take all the back-breaking work out of transporting soil, rubbish and materials across rough terrain, heavy-duty chassis and gearboxes ensure our dumpers stand up to the harshest off on-site conditions.

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An Excavator is a type of heavy construction equipment primarily used for digging holes, lifting/placing large objects, demolition of structures and landscaping. They are made up of a cab, dipper, boom and bucket. The cab is on a revolving platform sitting above the undercarriage.

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Are you prepared for Winter?

The main challenge for construction projects during the winter months as we all know is the dire weather conditions. It's a project workers nightmare attempting to accommodate them during this season, but there is several temporary options...

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RM Plant Services is a SafeHire certified company, as audited by the HAE (Hire Association Europe). We went through a rigorous and thorough process to ensure we met the many requirements set out by the HAE.

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Welcome to the RM Blog!

Welcome to the RM Plant Services blog. At RM, we pride ourselves on being the experts in construction and plant hire. We have a large fleet Excavators, Dumpers, Rollers and more! Call our friendly team on 0345 362 72 72 for a free quotation.

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