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What is an Excavator?



What is an Excavator?

Are you just starting out in the industry and unsure of what an excavator is? An Excavator is a type of heavy construction equipment primarily used for digging holes, lifting/placing large objects, demolition of structures and landscaping. They are made up of a cab, dipper, boom and bucket. The cab is on a revolving platform sitting above the undercarriage.

Our excavators are classed as ‘mini’ or ‘Compact’, primarily used for smaller applications than their bigger brothers. Mini Excavators tend to have a longer life span due to their usage on small projects and versatility. They are more beneficial to hire on a shorter term basis due to the convenience of being able to change the size depending on the project it’s being used for. Mini Excavators are great to use for:

  • Making small trenches,
  • Landscaping,
  • Digging holes (for ponds or swimming pools),
  • Demolition of small structures,
  • Footings,
  • Small DIY projects,
  • Ploughing large amounts of snow


RM Excavators

Our excavators have the most exceptional bucket force and digging depths in the field, delivering a high productivity rate. The cabs offer greater comfort, panoramic visibility and ergonomically designed joysticks combined with the latest hydraulics which control all the machine's movements smoothly and precisely with zero loss on performance and end results.
The excavators in our fleet are:
  • 0.75 Tonne Micro Excavator
  • 1.5 Tonne Mini Excavator
  • 3.0 Tonne Excavator
If you a construction manager or contractor, we recommend considering renting one of RM Plant Services’ Excavators for your projects. We offer competitive pricing for our full range Excavators, call 0345 362 72 72 today for a free quote.



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