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Air Scrubber


Our A-line offers some the the market's most advanced, portable air cleaners. They don’t look like any other air scrubbers on the market today. Why? It’s simple. Unlike competitive units, our air scrubbers are not designed using off-the-shelf components from the HVAC industry. Standard motor/blowers, coupled with17-inch or 28-inch HEPA filters are fine for buildings, but when installed in a portable appliance, they tend to produce a boxy, bulky cabinet that’s difficult to handle and transport.

With a safe filtering system and construction that is completely adapted to function with the H13 filter, all the air cleaners in the product line do a superior job of cleaning the air in which you work and breathe.

An exceptionally adaptable high degree of filtration air cleaner. Air flow capacity with 2 speed settings of either 600 or1200m/hour and meets the asbestos requirements and is provided with child protection. H13 main filter and pre filter, equipped with double warning lamps with signal. Red lamp for leakage, worn filter, orange lamp for 90% blocked filter. The S-line contains professional dust extractors suitable for very demanding needs.

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Day 1
£40.00 ex VAT
Day 2
£60.00 ex VAT
£80.00 ex VAT

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